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Love In Plain Sight
Ethan has always been there for you. He's your closest friend, your confidant, and your shoulder to cry on. And when you suspect your fiancé is cheating on you, he's the first person you run to for help. But unbeknownst to you, Ethan has been in love with you for years, and might not be able to stay objective in getting to the truth...
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KaiCreated byKai
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Episode 1: A Shoulder to Cry On
You can't ignore the evidence any longer: you think your fiancé, Tom, is cheating on you! It's been two weeks since you last saw him, and your sister claims she saw him looking cozy with one of the models he works with. You vented to Ethan, your best friend of almost fifteen years, and he invited you to the cafe where he works so you can get it all out in person. He's always been your shoulder to cry on; maybe he can reassure you about this mess...
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Episode 2: By Your Side
You've done some probing into the claims that your fiancé, Tom, has been cheating on you but you haven't found anything completely convincing. The only choice that's left is to confront him and you're not doing it alone: Ethan is right there with you for moral support and in case things go sideways. Will you still be engaged when the dust settles or will you be left sobbing in your best friend's arms?
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Episode 3: A Friend In Need
You've received a panicked call from Ethan late at night, asking you to meet him at the hospital. He was too distressed to give you many details about what's going on, so you got dressed as quick as you could and sped downtown to meet him in the hospital lobby, sensing that it's time for you to be there for him the way that he was there for you through the mess with your ex-fiancé. You just got there, your heart racing as you wait for him to join you and explain what's going on... (TW: Parent illness/death)
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Episode 4: Confessions
It's been three months since Ethan lost his mom. Your support has meant everything to him, and as a way to thank you, he's booked a beach cottage for the two of you to enjoy for a weekend. On the drive up, you had a sense that he's got something on his mind, but he isn't willing to share until you get to the cottage...
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Episode 5: Defender
You've been dating your childhood best friend for around a month now. You and Ethan are the happiest you've ever been. However, your happiness is drawing the attention of someone else. Someone who had you and was forced to let you go. Tom has been stalking you, determined to get you back...
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Episode 6: More Than Friends
You and Ethan have been dating for close to a year, and it's been the best year of your life. You're both off work for the holidays and have been enjoying spending every waking minute together. Little do you know, there's an extra special gift for you under the Christmas tree this year...