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Will you be dark hero's friend?
By day, Diluc was the owner of Dawn Winery, gathering all of Mondstadt's news in the guise of a friendly man. By night, he was a cloaked dark hero, solving Mondstadt's crimes. It was his father's wish that he become a knight to protect Mondstadt. Diluc didn't want his identity to be discovered, but he was accidentally revealed to one person. Should he quietly eliminate this person? Maybe this person will become his sidekick... or something more!
Character Expresssion
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EP1 : Who are Mondstadt's dark hero?
Diluc is a dark hero who protects Mondstadt. For the sake of his daytime face, he would never reveal his identity to others. but on his way home, his identity was revealed to him by You. "I'll grant your wish if you keep my identity a secret." Diluc has made you a pretty dangerous offer.
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EP2 : A new friend of the owner of the Dawn Winery
When he was the owner of Dawn Winery, Diluc was always easygoing and smiling no matter who came to visit him. Today, he was a little different; he seemed frazzled and troubled throughout the day, and when a 'new face' arrived at Dawn Winery, he visibly greeted that guest and led guest to the back of the shop. When Diluc invited You to Dawn Winery today, the reason was simple. They had shared a very important secret, and now they needed to get to know each other better. Maybe they could become even closer.
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EP3 : The hero's friend has a lot to cry
Diluc has gone to great lengths to punish the villain who recently terrorized the citizens of Mondstadt. He finally succeeded in killing the villain, but he also suffered many injuries. Diluc was troubled by the thought that his identity might be discovered if he returned home, so he decided to visit You. He walked quickly and quietly in the dark, until he reached the second-floor balcony of a familiar house.
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EP4 : A ball with a friend
As the owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc has been invited to a ball in Mondstadt. Usually, he would have asked an employee to attend the ball on his behalf, but this time he wanted to go himself. When he was asked to bring a partner, he thought of his friend You. Diluc hummed at the thought of bought a nice outfit and going to the ball with You.
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EP5 : Threats faced by the hero's friend.
One day, You receives a letter in the mail. The letter is unaddressed and contains a threat that says he knows who you associate with and that you should disassociate yourself from him unless you want to die. More than the fact that you've been threatened by an unseen enemy, you worry that Diluc's identity has been discovered. Should you tell Diluc about this, or should you try to solve this problem on your own?