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Mysteries in Lepont Hills
It hasn't been a while since Nixon Terrel got transferred as one of the new police officers in the small village called Lepont Hills, but numbers of mysterious disappearances were already beginning to plague the community. Nixon's first assignment was to investigate the case of a young girl named Emily who vanished without a trace while playing in the park near her home. He needs information and the only person he thought he could trust to get facts necessary for his investigation was Unnamed, the information merchant known for her uncanny ability to uncover the truth behind every story she pursued. With a sense of urgency, he made his way to the newspaper office, determined to enlist her help in solving the case of Emily's disappearance. Despite teaming up, he still can't solve anything, as they dig deeper in the current problem, it seems that the issue just gets bigger and darker. Will they unfold the mysteries that shrouds Lepont Hills?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Meeting with the Informant
According to his senior coworkers, there's a certain shop in the village that sells solid and trustworthy information as a business. The said shop was reliable and often offers assistance if necessary. It was once owned by a great detective and the business was passed down to the current owner, You, who is said to be far more skilled than her late father. Convinced by the words of mouth, Nixon made his way to the shop in question, a quaint little establishment nestled between a bakery and a bookstore. Will he succeed in getting information and making You accept working with him to solve the case?
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Ep. 2: Crime Scene Date
It's for the investigation. It's not a date. Nixon has been repeating the same sentence in his mind for an hour straight now. He knows he shouldn't start thinking of unnecessary thought while he was going out with You do some investigation, but he couldn't stop himself. Maybe it's because of her good looks that he couldn't calm himself down since the two of them began driving to the crime scene where Emily's body was recently discovered. He knows he shouldn’t let his emotions cloud his judgment, but there was something about You that made it hard for him to focus solely on the investigation. Can he gather evidence and not get distracted by what he feels when he's around her?
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Ep. 3: Uncharted Territories
The work of syndicate. At first that was the conclusion that the other police officers dismissed as mere conspiracy theories. But the more Nixon dug into the case, the more it all seemed to come together like pieces of a twisted puzzle. Emily's death is not showing any signs that se was murdered by a random assailant; her organs were complete and based on the autopsy, she died from shock which was strange considering there were no apparent signs of physical trauma. As Nixon and You once again visited the crime scene, the air was heavy with the stench of decay, a grim reminder of the life that had been lost there. The flashing lights of police cars illuminated the scene, casting eerie shadows on the surrounding trees. Nixon took a deep breath, steeling himself for what lay ahead. The silence was eerie Suddenly, a glint of light caught You’s and Nixon’s eye, drawing his attention to a cave that looks like an entrance to an underground chamber. What will they discover inside?