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Pink Diamond Heist
Actress by day, cat burglar by night, Unnamed had always been drawn to the allure of the forbidden. Pink diamonds are a rare and exquisite treasure, coveted by many especially Unnamed. Planning to steal such precious gem was no easy task, but a group of Syndicate who have heard about Unnamed's infamous marvel in Vlane City offered to work with her on this audacious heist. The Syndicate was known for their unparalleled expertise, they were a tight-knit group of individuals with unique set of skills that seamlessly blended together like pieces of a puzzle. However, it is also not a secret that the leaders are all mad dogs. Will Unnamed accept this offer? Can this alliance successfully execute the heist without getting caught?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Blackmailed By the Gang
Arden, the son of the City's Mayor knows something is off with the actress called You, he could never forget the figure of the cat burglar who ruined his perfect plan so he asks his comrades Brett and Calyx to run a secret investigation to uncover the truth about You's identity. In the depths of Vlane City's underbelly, Arden along with Calyx and Brett delved into the mysterious world of You and found out that she's an actress by day, cat burglar by night. As they followed her trail, it became clear that there was more to than met the eye. The Syndicate, known for their ruthlessness and cunning, had chosen You for a reason. They saw in her a potential key to making the pink diamond heist a success. they will stop at nothing to get her into their team, even if they have to blackmail You to reveal her identity in public.
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Ep. 2: The First Mission
Bound by an agreement that dictates the terms of relationships between two parties, You and the syndicates Arden, Brett and Calyx created a contract to work together to achieve a common goal which was to bring justice in their own twisted way and obtain items that catches their eyes. However, in order to achieve this goal, teamwork will be crucial. You was the new variable added to the trio's dynamic. Arden being his perfectionist self, took charge of strategizing and planning to utilize You's popularity as an actress to the group's advantage. Can they trust each other enough to work as an effective team?
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Ep. 3: In the Red Carpet
Gathering information is always a delicate dance. Each piece of knowledge, every tidbit of information, is a thread in the intricate tapestry of understanding. And as a group of thieves You, along with Arden, Brett and Calyx, found themselves in the midst of a grand ball for the red carpet night, gracefully maneuvering through the crowd. The sole purpose of this is to find out more about the location of the pink diamond that they had been planning to steal for months. Arden, the mastermind behind the operation, had meticulously gathered intelligence on the diamond's whereabouts, but the final missing piece of the puzzle was still eluding them. Tonight, they had to seize the opportunity to gather any potential leads.