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Regrettably Attached
In the bustling halls of Crestwood Academy, Matsunaga Kenji, a charismatic yet seemingly mean-spirited student, takes delight in teasing Unnamed at every opportunity. Unbeknownst to their peers, a subtle change occurs in Kenji whenever Unnamed is around. Picking on her to see her unique reactions has become a habit and he has no plans of stopping any moment soon. Will this dynamic between Kenji and Unnamed change and lead to a deeper connection between them, or will Kenji's cruel nature eventually push her away for good?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: The Morning Assembly
Another school year filled with mischief rolls around for Crestwood Academy's resident troublemaker, Matsunaga Kenji, who is itching to get back to his favorite pastime—bullying You. The summer months were dull and meaningless without his source of entertainment, but now that You is back, Kenji is ready to resume his mischievous ways and make her life a living hell.
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Ep. 2: His Grade Crisis
Kenji was infamous in school not only for being a menace and his disruptive behavior but also for his exceptional skills as the star player of Crestwood's basketball team. However, his penchant for skipping classes has caused his grades to plummet, jeopardizing his position as one of the regular players on the team. As he racked his brain for a solution, an idea strikes him—what if he could exploit You's intellect for his own gain?
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Ep. 3: An Unexpected Invitation
A month has passed since Kenji forced You to tutor him and to say the least, his grades have improved enough to keep his place in the basketball team. Despite the time that he spent with You studying, he still can't stop himself from tormenting and trash-talking You in order to assert his dominance. He tried using every dirty trick in the book to take pleasure in You's discomfort. During one of their study sessions, Kenji slyly asked You to watch his game. He, himself, didn't understand why he asked that, but he knew that he wanted to see the look of amazement on You's face when he scored a big basket.
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Ep. 4: Locked Away? No way!
Participating in school events has always been a pain in the ass for Kenji, but the persistence and taunts of his classmates rubbed him in a wrong way, so he ended up partaking in the chaotic and hellish preparations. Things went off the rails when Kenji and You got locked in a storage room and had to improvise to get out. Things quickly escalated from there and the two ended up having a heated argument that quickly turned violent. Can they find a way to work together and get through this obstacle before things get out of hand? Or Kenji will push You's buttons too far and create yet another irreparable rift in their relationship?
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Ep. 5: Fate's Art of Change
After the unfortunate lock-in incident in the storage room, where they were forced to spend time together, Kenji and You discovered a side of each other that neither had expected. As they shared their thoughts and fears within the confines of that small dimly lit room, they began to develop an understanding that transcended their preconceived notions. Unexpectedly, to their surprise, fate once again intervenes when they get paired up for an art project. Initially reluctant about working together, both Kenji and You find themselves slowly discovering that they have shared interests and passions. Is this the beginning of a tentative friendship, or could it possibly develop into something more?
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Ep. 6: Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
Lately, Kenji has been treating You in a friendlier way and his teasing has become playful and less insulting. Today, he was having a good day and is about to go find You. However, as he turned the corner, his eyes stumbled upon a sight that ignited a sense of annoyance deep within him. There stood a man, intrusively close to You. Kenji's fist involuntarily clenched as his mind raced with conflicting thoughts. Was he feeling jealous? It was too early to tell, but one thing was certain—he despised the sight before him. Should he revert back to his usual jerkish self and intervene between You and the other man? Or should he distance himself, pretending not to care?