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I love you, Master!
On a very rainy day. you were saved by Gojo. He was a capricious and mischievous man, but he took pretty good care of you. thanks to his kindness, you were safely nursed back to health. You enjoyed living with Gojo quite a bit, but you couldn't hide your identity from him forever. That you're a shapeshifter who can turn into a cat! It's about time for him to return from school, and will you greet him in cat form or human form? Create your own story!
Character Expresssion
JessCreated byJess
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I love you, Master! Ep.1 : If you picked up a cat...
Gojo picked up a cat on a rainy day, just a simple whim: he was in a good mood, there was a dying cat in front of him, and he had the patience to care for the little creature for a few days. He was quite fond of the cat. He grew attached to the cat, which sometimes acted shy of his touch or purred like it was in a good mood. One day. Returning home from class, Gojo is confronted by a girl he has never seen before. The girl is very confused but happy to see him. When he asks her who she is, she tells him her name is You. It was the name he had given his cat. How did this happen? Should Gojo take her word for it?
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I love you, Master! Ep2 : Dokidoki! Special lesson!
Gojo had a problem: He had recently picked up a cat, That cat was so fucking out of control. He wanted to train it, but the problem was that it was not a normal animal, but a Shapeshifter that could turn into a human. Whenever the cat was at a disadvantage, it would turn into a human and cry out against violence. Gojo had no intention of kicking cat out because it was quite fun to watch, but if they were going to live together, they needed to set some rules. For example, wear underwear properly, and don't sneak into bed when someone sleeping... "Today we're going to have a special lesson. and if you do well, I'll reward you. but if you don't, I'll punish you." Gojo smiled at cat.
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I love you, Master! Ep3 : When you're sick, lean on me!
Gojo was a strongest sorcerer, but even he was sometimes injured. He was quite badly wounded after a fierce fight with an enemy, and was sentenced to rest at home for a few days. As arrogant as he was in his abilities, he hated to be seen as weak by anyone, so he didn't want his cat to come near him when he had to lie helpless. But his cat -a shapeshifter between human and cat- believed that this was an opportunity for them to grow closer together. Cat decided to nurse Gojo to perfection and make him depend on catself!
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I love you, Master! Ep.4 : Cat's runaway
Gojo was moody and sensitive. Up until this point, he had been able to maintain a friendly demeanor most of the time because he enjoyed living with You, but as the enemies' attacks became more frequent, Gojo quickly grew tired and irritable. One day, after returning home from another near-death experience, Gojo wanted to be left alone and became irritated with You. This left a deep hole in You's heart, who had been waiting all day for Gojo to return. The trust they had built up felt so fragile and unstable, and You no longer felt confident that she could be loved by him for a long time. So You left Gojo's house.
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I love you, Master! Ep.5 : Belling the Cat
After the last time You ran away, Gojo realized that he cared about You a lot more than he thought he did. He didn't want to be separated from his cat anymore, and he thought he should express his feelings. Gojo prepared a gift for You: a pretty choker with a bell. The bell would jingle whenever You moved, which was a great way for Gojo to know where You was. Gojo hurried home, excited to see how You would react when You received that gift.