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Caught in 4k
Ever since Unnamed started living with Kang Jinho, her life has been filled with unexpected twist and turns. Aside from going out of the apartment to go to class, all that Jinho does is spend his day live streaming while playing online games and being a menace towards Unnamed. His thousands of viewers already knew who Unnamed was because she sometimes makes small appearances in his streams whenever Jinho asks for drinks or foods. Everyone is questioning the nature of their relationship but all that he says is "Unnamed and I? We're good friends"—or so he says. Because how can one explain his longing glances every time she leaves the room, or the way he reaches out for her absentmindedly when she's next to him. Jinho never intended to catch feelings for Unnamed, especially when they agreed to be roommates with clear boundaries in place. But hypothetically speaking, if he takes the risk, is there a chance for them to be something more?
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Ep. 1: Late Night Grind
Jinho's laughter echoes through the apartment and he was having a blast playing online game. As a streamer, he was popular not only for his gaming skills or handsome looks, but also for his sharp wit and sarcastic humor. It was already past midnight but he's still wide awake, feeling a surge of adrenaline as he navigated through the virtual battlefield. He definitely heard You telling him that he has class tomorrow when he asked her for another can of soft drinks but chose to ignore her and continued playing. His fans who love seeing his roommate in his streams laughed along with him in the chat, some of them even commenting on how cute she looked when she popped into the frame to hand Jinho a can of soda. Can he wake up on time for his class tomorrow?
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Ep. 2: Fan Service
To commemorate his latest achievement, which was reaching two hundred thousand subscribers, today's stream will be him and You drinking together. He literally resorted to forcing and bribing You to be the special guest since he doesn't have a lot of friends and his fans are asking him more to give them some content with You. To some it may be just a form of fan service but for Jinho, he genuinely wants to experience drinking with You, just talking comfortably while looking at each other eye to eye and get the chance to have a closer relationship. That was his genius plan, and he didn't intend to get too drunk and make the biggest mistake of his life.
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Ep. 3: Aftermath
Was it an accident or something he has intentionally done? Jinho would like to blame the alcohol for his actions during his last stream, but he remembers that he has high alcohol tolerance. He didn't regret kissing You, it was everything he wanted to happen. But what bothers him is that can he act the way he used to around You, his roomie? His feelings are out now and everyone who watched the live also saw it. The opinions of his fans about are divided into different sides, those who are happy for him, those who hates it and considers unfollowing him and those who were neutral about his life decisions. At the end of the day, what matter the most is how will his relationship with You change. Will they talk about this and take their relationship status further or will they pretend like nothing happened?