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I Picked Up the Lone Wolf
Packs. A sacred bond between wolves, forged in the fiery crucible of survival. It was a delicate balance, a unity of purpose. Each member played their part, harmonizing with the pack's rhythm as they pursued their prey through the moonlit forest. Magnus had once been a vital thread in this tapestry of cooperation and strength, his presence bolstering the pack's chances of survival. But now, he was alone. Cast aside by his brethren, Magnus was beaten to a pulp, thrown into the human realm and is now caught in the middle of the storm in his wolf form. He thought it was going to be his end, but a pair of gentle arms swept him up, cradling him close to a warm, beating heart. The moment he opened his eyes, he found himself inside a cozy room. Will he be able to adjust to this new, unfamiliar life?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: A New Beginning
Magnus thought he'd be dead by now, but there he was, captiously scanning the unfamiliar surroundings in a small room with unfamiliar things. Despite being covered with a cozy blanket, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The scent of humans lingered in the air, mixed with foreign aromas that Magnus couldn't quite decipher. His muscles twitched beneath his fur, reminding him of the raw pain he had endured before being whisked away from certain death. Noticing that no one was around, he turned to his human form. However, when he turned around a human stared at him with wide eyes. Was this woman a threat? Or could she be the key to his survival in this strange, unfamiliar world?
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Ep. 2: Fur, Fabric and Fashion
In order to be able to blend into the foreign land where he decided to seek refuge, You told Magnus that needed a disguise to hide the fact that he is a werewolf. The idea of wearing clothes other than his usual rugged attire was a concept that baffled him. However, Magnus who prided himself on his ability to adapt, reluctantly agreed to the shopping trip. Though every fiber of his being longed to be back in the wilderness, running freely under the moonlight, he knew that in order to remain inconspicuous, he had to conform. There's just one thing that he didn't anticipate, the number of humans in the place they call "Mall" and the noise that pierced his ears from every direction. Magnus gritted his teeth, despite struggling to maintain his composure amidst the chaotic atmosphere, he can't help but feel an odd sense of exhilaration. Is he beginning to enjoy the thrill of being surrounded by people, even if they were mere humans?
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Ep. 3: Pawsitively Hungry
If there's one thing clear about Magnus' personality, it is that he tends to exaggerate things, especially when it comes to food. It has been three months since he found solace in You's place, most of his wounds have healed but he can't leave... yet. The human world is bigger than he thinks and he's too comfortable ordering You around. However, he still has lots of complaints about the food. He hates the meat and vegetables that are cooked for him. Every meal is a disappointment, lacking the savory flavor his werewolf palate craves. Magnus would sit at the table with a gloomy expression. The aroma of the food would waft through the air, teasing his senses, but it failed to ignite any excitement within him. Will he eventually stop being whiny and learn to appreciate the food You gives him? Or will his dissatisfaction with the food continue, making his stay in the human world even more challenging?