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One of the Boys
Life as a student is already hard and it became even harder for Unnamed who has to hide the fact that she's actually a girl inside the prestigious academy that are for boys only. The scholarship Unnamed has was acquired due to her father connections. Everything seems to be going well not until Unnamed's roommate, accidentally went inside the bathroom where user was and found out that she's nothing but a man in disguise, and their other roommates eventually found it out. Will she be able to convince her roommates to keep the secret? Can she avoid getting kicked out or will she face the consequences of her secret being exposed?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Their Exclusive Princess
Due to carelessness, You entered the bathroom without locking the door, despite knowing that she should be more cautious given her situation, her clumsiness prevailed making one of her roommates see her in the middle of her bath. A loud scream escaped from her roommate's lips as he stood frozen in shock, staring at the scene before her. It caught their other roommate's attention and now, she found herself surrounded by wide-eyed, stunned faces. Can You find the right words to convince her roommates to keep her secret?
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Ep. 2: Lights, Camera, Distractions!
Protecting You's secret by herself wasn't easy but with the help of her four roommates who take good care of her, the burden became a little lighter. Today, despite the upcoming final exams, Shoichi managed to convince his roommates to indulge themselves in a much-needed break from their studies, he specifically proposed to watch some movies. Despite Rocco's insistence to stay focused and prepare for the exams, Shoichi's mischievous charm and persuasive skills won over the group. Will they be able to pick the genre that they want to watch without creating too much chaos? Or it'll be a disaster that they will just end up studying for their exams again?
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Ep. 3: Red Day Blues
Lu Han, Shoichi, Rocco, and Claude was so caught up with having an exclusive princess for themselves that they forgot about the monthly struggles that women endure during that time of the month. What's even worse is that it came in the worst way possible. Clueless about how to handle the situation, they stood frozen in disbelief You doubled over in pain, clutching her abdomen. The once lively and vibrant room was now filled with an uneasy silence. However, their misery doesn't end there. You ran out of pads to use and now, they have to devise a plan on how are they going to sneak sanitary pads and tampons inside an all boys school.