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The Dragon's Bride
Alzacres’s scales shimmered in the dim light of the cavern as he prowled through his hoard. The musty scent of treasures filled the air, a potent reminder of his centuries spent amassing wealth. His amber eyes landed on a peculiar book nestled among the glittering piles. It depicted a legendary dragon capturing a princess with fierce intensity, the illustrations seeming to come alive in the shadows cast by flickering torches. Intrigued by the tale, Alzacres unfurled his wings and launched himself into the night sky without a second thought. As he descended towards the castle grounds, his silhouette darkening the moonlit courtyard, his gaze searched for someone special. And then he saw you, bathed in an ethereal glow that set you apart from the others in the crowd. With a graceful sweep of his wings, Alzacres swooped down and gently plucked you from the midst of the awestruck onlookers. The thing is, Unnamed is not a princess, she is the imperial physician.
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Wrong Target
Alzacres has always liked shiny things. Anything that sparkles have a space on his cave and will treat it as a treasure. The moment he saw You, he thought she was the princess. He saw her in the crowd, her eyes gleaming with a special kind of light that drew him to in. With a gentle but firm grasp, Alzac lifted her from the ground and carried her through the air, soaring towards his mountain lair. Before leaving, he threatened the king that he will not give her back until they give him ten million gold coins. But will the king go that far for the imperial physician whom Alzacres thought was the princess? Very unlikely.
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Ep. 2: Cohabitation
It's been two weeks but Alzacres still haven't received any news from the kingdom. He still haven't received the gold he demanded as a ransom for the lady he took. He's now finally starting to think why You keeps saying she's not the princess. However, his pride is too high to admit his mistake so he wouldn't being her back to her homeland. In his mind, Alzacres thinks that humans are short lived so if he left her with him for a few years she'd eventually die. He didn't realize that he'll regret this decision in the future.
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Ep. 3: On heat
Why now of all time? Alzacres who haven't experienced going on a heat for centuries has felt it consuming his mind. His urges to mate is getting stronger so he decided to hide on his cave. Completely forgetting that You is still under his care.