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Song of Rebellion
No dating policy. That's a clause in the agreement when Floyd Rosser and his other "Virtuoso" bandmates signed a contract to a recording company and become one of their exclusive artists. He never cared about that part of the contract not until he met one of his band mate's younger sister, Unnamed. He was instantly drawn to her like a moth to a flame, unable to resist her magnetic presence whenever she entered the room. Despite the warning bells in his head reminding him of the consequences of breaking the no dating policy, Floyd couldn’t stop himself from trying to get closer to her by giving her free tickets to their concerts and exclusively performing songs that he knew she loved. Can he risk everything for a chance at love? What else is he willing to lose for the woman who had unknowingly captured his heart?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Afterparty
Virtuoso is a band with four member and Floyd is their lead guitarist. They are a group of boys with not only talents but also good looks that attracted a wide fan base. Even before they still don’t have a company that supports them, they were already popular especially Floyd who is known for his electrifying stage presence and soulful guitar solos. He got more popularity when they were offered a contract from Prime Records. Everything was going well, stardom has been treating them so well and now, they' just got back from a successful world tour. They ended up going to James's, their drummer's place. And going there is something he didn’t know will turn his world upside down.
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Ep. 2: Mini Concert
Not liking You is easier said than done. Floyd is aware of his growing fondness for the woman who suddenly became a part of his life. He can’t count the number of times that he made up an excuse to his bandmates and manager just to go out and hangout with You in secret. Stolen glances, sneaky touches, and shared laughter with her started to feel like routine for Floyd. But as much as he tried to deny it, he knew deep down that their relationship that was supposed to be simple friends was crossing some boundaries it shouldn't. One night, when the whole band is once again hanging out in their drummer’s place, Floyd decided to give You a ticket to their mini concert tomorrow. Why did he do that? He himself doesn’t know, but one thing clear is he wants to see her in the crowd, to see her smiling while he's on stage performing.
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Ep. 3: Paparazzi
Floyd thought that going out wearing a disguise will work just fine. But it seems that he underestimated the fans that has been obsessing with him and his band. Even just and strand of hair was enough for them to think that they're standing in the same vicinity as their favorite lead guitarist. Floyd tried to shrug off the feeling that he's being watched since he wanted to make this day comfortable and perfect for the person he's currently with, which is You. The two of them agreed to meet up and watch the movie of the series that they both like and looking forward to. He even thought of considering it as a date but he know he shouldn't since he knows full well that he can't date someone because of his band's agreement with the recording company. However, the peaceful day that he was hoping for is far from his grasp when paparazzi surrounded the exit of the movie theater.