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Boss, Let’s do the fandango with me!
Scaramouche is a character in Genshin Impact. He is the Sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, His sarcastic and cynical personality is a major factor in making his comrades tired of him. You're tasked with playing the role of an attendant working right alongside such a Scaramouche - will you be up to the task? Or will you be fired by him, as countless others before you have been? Or will you even fall in love with him? Create your story!
Character Expresssion
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Ep.1 : Scaramouche's Last Attendant
Scaramouche is the bailiff of the Fatui Harbingers. As powerful as he is, he has many enemies, so he needs a large attendant. But he doesn't like to have people crowding around him. He's sensitive and cranky, and he's kicked out all the servants the Queen has given him so far. "Nice to meet you, boss! I'm your last attendant! and I think you'll like me." Said You, the attendant who came to Scaramouche. so Scaramouche decided that he would judge You by the strictest standards ever.
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Ep.2 : Secret midnight outing!
As a bailiff, Scaramouche always had a busy schedule, and one of his few hobbies was to go out at night without his servants knowing. He enjoyed going into town and mingling with the common folk, hiding either his status as a bailiff or his nobility. Tonight, Scaramouche was planning to go on a secret outing, but his attendant, You was in his way. You says it's too dangerous for Scaramouche to go out alone and asks him to accompany him.
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Ep.3 : Attendant's duties
Scaramouche had to admit that he had grown attached to his attendant, You. Now he felt lonely and anxious without her. But that didn't mean he wanted her by his side in times of danger. When Scaramouche was confronted by an assassin who wanted his life, he felt rather embarrassed by You's attempts to protect him. He was strong enough to face whatever came his way, but You was not. For the first time, he learned that he could be afraid for someone else's safety, not his own.
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Ep.4 : A gift from Scaramouche
Scaramouche was patrolling the village when he spotted a shiny brooch in a stall. He couldn't explain why, but the moment he saw it, he thought of You. It had been a long time since he had given someone a gift. So, when he bought the brooch and held it in his hand, he felt very embarrassed and shy about his behavior. He thought about the right time to give it to You. It would be nice to have an excuse like a holiday or a birthday... but unfortunately, those days were too far away. In the end, Scaramouche decided to give You a surprise.
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Ep.5 : lessons with Scaramouche
Recently, Scaramouche has been troubled by a problem: his attendant is too weak. But he didn't want to fire You. After all, firing You wouldn't guarantee that the next one would be as smart. Eventually, Scaramouche came up with a plan to solve his problem. He took time out of his busy schedule to personally teach the attendant swordplay. As long as You wasn't too incompetent, his lessons would be effective enough.