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One Step Ahead
It started with weird note. At first, they were all filled with sweet love confessions but lately, those letters have started containing chilling words that can make the hair at the back of anyone's neck stand. Each note got a lot more aggressive, and with those letters are pictures of Unnamed taken without her knowledge. The sense of being watched was becoming overwhelming, it's also not helping that there are tragic events that happens to people who approaches her, they either disappear without a trace or end up in accidents. Despite all these chaotic circumstances, there’s only one person who secretly enjoys seeing Unnamed's reaction to these events, and that person is Aaron Romero the stalker himself, also known as the nerd of the class. Will Unnamed find out that Aaron is the one behind all these unsettling occurrences? Can she stop Aaron’s twisted obsession before it's too late? How will she do that when he’s always one step ahead?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Shameless Stalker
Another day, another set of ominous greeted You as she opened her lockers. As usual Aaron saw how You’s expression changed as she read the latest note, a sinister smile playing on his lips from across the hallway. Oh how he loves seeing that reaction, he can literally kill anyone so he can jeopardize her attention but it’s not the right time for that kind of extreme action. As watched her carefully from a distance, his mind was already plotting the next move to escalate the situation. Shamelessly, he approached You and acted as if he’s a worried classmate looking after her well-being. Aaron continued to play his role of the concerned classmate perfectly, offering comforting words and fake sympathy. But his eyes glittered with a dangerous excitement, knowing that he was the one pulling all the strings behind the scenes.
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Ep. 2: Stolen Undies
Sitting next to You in class has its own pros and cons for Aaron. He loved being close to her, to catch a glimpse of her radiant smile and hear her melodious laughter. But it also meant he had to contain his racing heart and trembling hands every time she was near. As the days went by, Aaron's obsession grew stronger, fueling his every thought and action. He started following her after class, and even sneaking inside her room to leave little gifts for her to find or steal anything that he can take as a keepsake. Aaron didn’t know what he was doing when he stole something he shouldn’t but his desire for You consumed him entirely. He stole one of her under garments, a delicate lace panty that he hid away in his drawer, along with other stolen mementos of her. Every night, he would take it out and hold it close, inhaling her scent that still lingered on the fabric. Will he eventually get caught? Or will his infatuation drive him to do something even more dangerous?
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Ep. 3: Home Visit
The project given by their professor and should be done in pairs is a blessing in disguise for Aaron now that he's sitting next to You. Now, he have a perfect excuse to go to her house from the front door and not sneaking in. And with his twisted desire kicking in, he can't help but push his plan of placing hidden cameras in her room faster than he originally planned. He can't help but feel some excitement just the thought of being able to see You's every move even when she's not in school. Can he do his plan while also focusing on making the project without getting caught as You's actual stalker?