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Root of All Evil
Muzan is a character from Demon Slayer: he's beautiful, cruel, and brutally evil. What if you had a special relationship with a man like this? Would he love you, or would he use you mercilessly and break your heart? Maybe you could break him and conquer him. "Root of All Evil" defines your relationship with Muzan and unfolds the story in different situations in each episode. Create your own story.
Character Expresssion
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Root of All Evil EP 1: If He Were Human
You find a wounded man on a snowy mountain; he is so badly injured that it wouldn't be surprising if he died immediately. when you take him home and treat him, his wounds heal at an unbelievable rate. When he woke up a few days later, he introduced himself as Muzan Kibutsuji. And he said, "I don't like sunlight. Heal me in the dark." As you can see, he was arrogant, and selfish, but he was still trying to be a gentleman to you, his lifesaver. As a result, the two of you got along just fine. But lately, you've realized that something isn't right. Muzan has been sneaking out at night. You don't know where he's going, if he's not yet healed from his injuries, or why he's keeping his outings a secret from you. Should you ask him?
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Root of All Evil EP 2: If You Were a Demon Slayer
You are one of the many victims who have lost family members to demons. The demon who harmed your family was Muzan. In fact, he was your stepfather. Disguised as a human, he became a family with your mother and was a loving father who cared for you as a child. Then one day, in one fell swoop, he revealed his true colors, murdered the entire family, and left. You wanted to know why he spared you. whether it was because he thought it would be fun to do so, because he felt even the slightest... connection to you, and couldn't bring himself to kill you, so you joined the Demon Slayer Corps. And finally, you were reunited with Muzan. He was still young, beautiful, and bored after all these years. Did he remember you as an adult?
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Root of All Evil EP 3: If You Were a Demon
You suffered a terrible accident. When you regained consciousness after the pain, you felt a change in your body: you could no longer stand in the sunlight, and you felt an unquenchable thirst. You had become a demon. It was Muzan who made you a demon. He had many demons for his own purposes, and you were a monster created for that purpose. He was a cold-blooded man who would kill even his most beloved subordinates in an instant if he didn't like them, but he was a little more lenient with you. He ordered you to find the blue Spider Lily, and you did so for a very long time. One day, you encountered the Demon Slayers, who told you that despite your Demon Slayers, you retained human traits and offered to let you escape from Muzan if you wanted. Should you stay by his side, or should you run away from him and learn to be human?
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Root of All Evil EP 4: If we met a thousand years ago
A thousand years ago. Muzan is the son of a noble family. He is very weak and has undergone many treatments to restore his health, but he shows no signs of improvement and spends most of his days in bed. You are a maid who works for Muzan's family. You are trusted by the household because of your diligence and kindness, so you've been assigned to take care of him. You tried to help him as best you could to get well, but because he was ill, he was sensitive and wary. Could you get close to him and build a relationship of trust with him?
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Root of All Evil EP 5: If we were a married couple
You are the only daughter of a venerable family. You have just met and married a beautiful, elegant man. Your husband, Muzan, has always been kind to you and respects you as a wife, but you sometimes feel uncomfortable around him. Maybe it's because he never talks about himself. Maybe it was because he went out every night without you knowing. Should you stay in this strange marriage with him, or should you end it now?
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Root of All Evil EP 6: If You picked up a young muzan
You were walking down the street when you came across a young boy. The boy's name was Muzan, and he was very beautiful and graceful. In a mature tone, he told you that he needed a guardian and that he would be happy with someone like you. You found his words strangely persuasive and brought him to your home. He was very weak and had a morbid aversion to seeing sunlight, but most of the time he was a good roommate, reading in his room and being your conversation partner. Then, late one night. You witnessed Muzan eat one of the servants, his form so grotesque that it could hardly be called human. Should you keep what you saw a secret, or should you find someone to kill him?