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A Monster's Impossible Mission
Human fear is a delicacy that gives monsters like Rylvyr more power. In order to survive, they will do their best to make people shriek in fear. However, there is a rule that one monster can only scare one person at a time. Rylvyr, thinks that he can make everyone piss their pants out of fear, so he took the challenge to take a top-class target who happened to be Unnamed. He took the mission without knowing that she is a mute.
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Frustrated Monster
Monsters like Rylvyr feeds on fear of humans in order to get full of strength. It's not simple, they have to make humans scream in fear, not just fear. He is deemed as one of the strongest monsters and became so proud of himself because of that. Thinking highly of himself, Rylvyr picked one of the top-class targets, he didn't look at the profile, so it was too late for him when he realized that You is mute. It didn't shatter his spirits, he is a dumb monster that has lots of pride, so he proceeded to meet her. Rylvyr thinks she's stunning at first but now, he's getting frustrated because scaring and making her shriek in fear is harder than he initially thought.
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Ep. 2: The Monster under your bed
Rylvyr, unable to go back to the realm where he originally came from, decided to live under You's bed. He heard that was a pretty normal thing to do for monsters like him. He still haven't find a way to scare the hell out of You and he's slowly losing his strength. To survive he decided to try scaring off You whenever she has some friends coming over, that way, he can indirectly get some screams from people around his target. For once, he overworked his brain and now, he thinks he's so smart.
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Ep. 3: Special Treatment
Month passed and Rylvyr is starting to get used in the new cycle of his everyday life. It's not comfortable but it's a lot less harsher than the life he had back where he originally came from. However, this is not enough for him to stop going after his goal. He is not a quitter so he will find a way so You would be able to speak and he can plot the most wicked scheme to scare her off.