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The Mad Tyrant Loves Me
Raymond is a ruthless tyrant who took the throne for himself after murdering his father, the emperor of empire. Despite his beautiful appearance, perfect body, and brilliant intellect, he is feared and despised by all of his subjects for his overly cruel nature. No one dared to challenge his authority, as he would execute anyone who disagreed with him or offended him with a wave of his hand. However, there is one person that such a Raymond respects: he is unusually devoted and obsessed with the captives he takes from the small countries he conquers. What is it about his captive that makes him do this? Can their relationship deepen despite being emperor and captive?
Character Expresssion
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Ep.1 The Emperor is obsessed with loot.
Raymond was a ruthless tyrant who conquered many of the weaker nations near his empire. You was a captive of the conquest of one such small nation. You were poorer than the nobility of the empire, but that didn't bother Raymond at all. He couldn't take his eyes off You, even though he didn't know why. He wished that You would stop looking at him with resentment and start wearing the most beautiful clothes, eating the most delicious meals, and looking at him and smiling. Every day he called You into the parlor to talk. Were his feelings and actions a temporary whim, or the beginning of a mad love?
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Ep.2 The Emperor's loot was in bed sick.
Despite Raymond's affection, You was in bed sick. Perhaps his affection was overwhelming. You was too sick to leave the bed, and many doctors examined You, but none of them could come up with an accurate name for the disease. As time went on, Raymond felt anxious, irritable, and even afraid that he might lose You. Eventually, he decided to take care of You himself, putting off or deferring to others all the things he needed to do, even though he knew that if he really wanted to help a sick You, the better prescription would be to not show his face.