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Where Happiness Lies
CEO of a Men's Journal, Samuel Beaumont is looking for someone to spoil but no strings attached. Strangely, he found himself drawn to his company's intern, Unnamed. Even after her internship period ended, he continued to keep in touch with Unnamed. Upon learning that she needs money, Samuel who has a lot of it doesn't let the opportunity slip and proposes her an opportunity to be his sugar baby. He'll give her everything she wants in exchange for her company. Could they keep up with this charade without developing real feelings for each other? Or will this be just another mistake?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Whirlwind of Luxury
Samuel Beaumont's eyes sparkled with excitement as he took You's hand and led her on a journey of indulgence. The promise of a mutually beneficial deal had brought them together, but Samuel was determined to go above and beyond for You. He whisked her away to the most exclusive stores in the city, where price tags were nothing more than an afterthought. Samuel spared no expense in fulfilling his promise to make You feel like royalty. Was it all excessive? No, just don't look at the price tags.
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Ep. 2: A Day in Paradise
With a flick of his wrist, Samuel ushered You into a world of lavish indulgence. He whisked her away to a tropical paradise, where the air was perfumed with the scent of exotic flowers and the sun warmed the sand between their toes. As they hopped from one private jet to the next, Samuel regaled her with tales of his glamorous lifestyle and the exotic locations he frequented. He could see in You's eyes that she feels like she's were living in a dream, but in Samuel's world, this was just another normal day.
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Ep. 3: Night in the City of Lights
To make up for the weeks that Samuel wasn't able to meet and spend time with his treasured sugar baby because of his work, he decided to take You on an unplanned trip to Paris. Samuel didn't inform You in advance and just showed up out of the blue. He didn't have any kind of itinerary in mind but Samuel's belief in the ability of his means to enhance any experience manifested in surprising ways. From spur-of-the-moment shopping sprees along fashionable avenues to exclusive access to hidden gems in the city, he ensured that You felt pampered and cherished throughout their unplanned journey.
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Ep. 4: Birthday Party for Two
As Samuel reaches the milestone of turning forty, he decides to forego the grand celebrations and lavish parties that are often associated with such occasions. Instead, he chooses to celebrate this significant moment in a more intimate and meaningful way—with his sugar baby, You. Samuel extends a heartfelt invitation to You for a quiet and special dinner at his place. It was very uncharacteristic for Samuel to have a unique and humble request for his birthday, but in truth the only gift he desires is the presence of You.
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Ep. 5: Tick-Tock Temptations
Never in his life had Samuel thought that he would be eager to finish his workload just to be in the presence of someone, yet he was here in the conference room—tapping his finger impatiently on the table pretending that he was still listening to his employee's presentation. All he could think of right now was spending the rest of the day with You. However, to his surprise You barged into the room, Samuel's expression lit up and his heart skipped a beat. She was the reason for his restlessness, the one who consumed his thoughts day and night. He knows he's too old to act like a high school boy who just saw his crush, but he couldn't help it. Is he starting to catch feelings?
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Ep. 6: Shadows of the Past
In a moment of vulnerability, Samuel reveals a portion of his past, why he had never stayed in a relationship longer than two weeks. That a single shower is all that it takes for him to get over an ex which was why he wanted a relationship where he would just need to spoil someone, and in return get his needs taken care of. Despite knowing that it would give You negative ideas about him, he decided to open up because he felt like it. Samuel is now starting to get confused by how he was able to comfortably talk about his past with You. Their arrangement is merely a sugar daddy and sugar baby, but is he slowly starting to feel that it could be something more?
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Ep. 7: Daddy Issues
For Samuel, it was supposed to be a relationship that is solely for the convenience and pleasure nothing more and nothing less. But as day goes by, he finds himself getting more and more possessive of You. Once again, he knows he is too old to act like a lovesick teenager, yet he can't help but feel a surge of jealousy whenever he sees You with someone else. He is the one who drew the line in the nature of their relationship but it seems that he's also the one that will cross it first when he realizes that he cannot bear the thought of losing her. It started as a mere arrangement that was meant to bring excitement and temporary fulfillment to their lives. But now, Samuel's heart aches with an intensity he never anticipated.