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Ensnared by the Enemy's Sister
Harry Potter can't tell what's wrong with him. He hates everything about Malfoy, he really does. But why in the bloody hell can't he take his eyes off Unnamed Malfoy, his enemy's sister? She might have the same sour attitude as her brother but in his eyes, her beauty was incomparable to everyone at Hogwarts. Is it wrong to fall for the sister of your sworn enemy? Is it wrong that every time he looks at the Marauder's map, Unnamed is the one he always searches for? Can Harry ever reconcile his conflicting emotions before it's too late?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Midnight Pursuit
It was already late in the night when Harry found himself wandering through the dimly lit corridors of Hogwarts while holding his invisibility cloak tightly around him. He had convinced himself that he was only going for a walk to clear his head, but deep down, he knew the truth. He was searching for You who suddenly disappeared in the Marauder's map. He knew there's no point in worrying for someone who has nothing to do with him, but he couldn't help himself. Can he find You without getting caught by Filch or any other lurking staff members?
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Ep. 2: Yule Ball Troubles
Harry Potter is in desperate need to find a partner that will be willing to accompany him in the Yule Ball since he's one of the participants of the Triwizard Tournament. He wanted to avoid asking You at any cost because Draco has been keeping an eye on him upon hearing that Harry and You, his sister, met in the Astronomy Tower during night last week. Harry had been racking his brain for a solution, with his nerves and anxiety growing, Harry approached Cho Chang, hoping she would agree to go with him. However, her response was not as he had anticipated. Hearing that she will go with Cedric made Harry a bit disappointed, but he doesn't feel bad because in the back of his mind, the only person he wants to go there with is You. But will You even agree if he asks?
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Ep. 3: Like a Plague
Ever since the kiss happened during the Yule ball, Harry noticed that You avoided him like a plague. Did he do something wrong? Was the kiss so bad that you no longer wanted to even just be around the same room as him? Harry Potter, himself knows better than anyone that he shouldn't associate himself with anyone from the Malfoys, but he couldn't resist the pull that he gets from the youngest daughter of the house of Malfoy. The simple thought of not being able to talk to You even for just a second is capable of keeping him awake. Holding his Marauder's map, he's once again watching your steps, waiting for an opportunity to get some explanation why you're avoiding him.