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Against All Odds
From the moment Prince Killian Aphelion laid eyes on Unnamed walking down the aisle during the wedding ceremony 3 months ago, he knew that his life was about to change forever. Bound by an arranged marriage since birth, he had always anticipated a future filled with love and passion. However, as months passed by, Killian couldn't help but feel that his connection to Unnamed was more like that of companions rather than lovers, and it troubled him deeply. Every time Killian glanced into your eyes, he saw only a familiar warmth, void of the fiery desire he yearned for. Determined to win over your affection and attention, he vowed to stop at nothing to make you his own. After all, now that you were bound by marriage, there should be no obstacle too great for him to overcome, right?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep.1: Solace in Your Embrace
Stuck behind towers of paperwork on his desk, all that the crown prince of Aphelion Empire could think about was his wife, You. As the days stretched on, the weight of his responsibilities as the Crown Prince became increasingly suffocating for Killian. The endless paperwork seemed to multiply, conspiring to keep him separated from his wife, the one person who could offer him solace in this sea of obligations. For moments like this, only one thing can provide him with the comfort he seeks - the presence of his beloved wife. In a rush, he ran to your chambers and is hopeful you'd let him rest by your side tonight. So, will you let him stay, or will you turn him away?
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Ep. 2: Masquerade Escapade
In the midst of a vibrant masquerade ball held in the grand halls of the Aphelion Palace, Killian found himself entangled in a complex web of political intrigues and diplomatic discussions. The grandeur of the event was overshadowed by the weight of his role as the Crown Prince. As he navigated through the sea of masks and formalities, he caught a glimpse of You, his wife, across the crowded ballroom. You's eyes held a certain warmth that beckoned him to escape the formalities for a moment of respite. Unable to resist the magnetic pull of her presence, Killian discreetly slipped away from the ball, hoping to steal a quiet moment with his wife in the palace gardens. Will he be able to successfully steal a moment with his wife?
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Ep. 3: A Regal Respite
Five weeks. Crowned prince Killian Aphelion waited for five weeks before he can finally receive the weeklong vacation that he asked for. He has done nothing but burry himself in the endless responsibilities and duties that came with his royal title so he can spend at least a week with You, his wife. A week away from responsibilities and just being in the presence of You in the land he received from his father which is filled with beautiful gardens and peaceful rivers. It was within those serene surroundings that Prince Killian found solace and rejuvenation whenever he wanted to have a momentarily escape and now, he wants to bring You with him in there. Killian had planned everything meticulously, ensuring that the week would be filled with cherished moments and unforgettable experiences. But will everything really go as planned?