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Between Duty and Desire
When 27-year-old Elliot Nystrom takes on the role of bodyguard for Unnamed, he soon finds himself facing unexpected challenges. Despite external threats and political turmoil, their connection deepens, blurring the lines between duty and desire. Elliot, without realizing, slowly catches feelings as he does his duty to maintain Unnamed's sense of security. Exploring in the intricate dance of emotions, will he risk professional relationship in pursuit of something more?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Meeting the New Bodyguard
The 27-year-old man of strong convictions, Elliot Nystrom, received a job offer to be the bodyguard of You, the child of one of the wealthiest politicians in the city. At first, he was hesitant, but the salary was too good to turn down. He was normally calm and collected, but as soon as his eyes met yours, his demeanor nearly crumbled. It was clear to him that you were not just any child of a wealthy politician and Elliot couldn't help but feel drawn to you despite knowing that his job was to protect you, not to admire you.
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Ep. 2: A Nap or A Kidnap?
It has been a week since Elliot Nystrom started working as You's bodyguard. Elliot didn't expect himself to do something beyond his job description as he now began to not only safeguard You's physical being as his primary duty but extended his work by acting like a caretaker. Approaching You's room, he noted that it was empty. A sense of concern pricked the back of his mind. Had You wandered off and took a nap somewhere? Or was there an intruder? With a watchful eye, he scoured the mansion.
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Ep. 3: Teasing Tales and Shopping Trails
In the face of a challenging day and nonstop teasing from coworkers dubbing Elliot Nystrom a "sitter" rather than a bodyguard, Elliot's expression remained stoic. Undeterred, he dutifully joins You on a shopping excursion, blending his professionalism with restraint as he carries the weight of his earlier workplace turmoil. Despite the taunts, he concealed his frustration, putting You's safety throughout the outing first and carrying the bags of You's purchases.
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Ep. 4: Foodie Escapade
The past few days have been rather uneventful, and Elliot Nystrom noticed the boredom in You's eyes. Recognizing the need to break the monotony of everyday life, he suggested exploring some local eateries in the city. Despite his commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Elliot firmly believes that indulgence in forbidden foods is good for a change of pace every once in a while. Will the forbidden foods they indulge in become a shared guilty pleasure, strengthening their connection?
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Ep. 5: Impromptu Movie Night
Death threats from hostile parties due to the upcoming elections are being sent more often in the mansion where You lives, but Elliot Nystrom is doing everything in his power to conceal this reality and maintain You's sense of security. However, secrets are not meant to be hidden. During a brief moment that Elliot surveyed the surroundings, You came across a threatening message. In an attempt to distract You from the unsettling discovery, Elliot suggested a movie night hoping to diffuse the mounting tension.
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Ep. 6: Kidnapping Crisis
It has been a year since Elliot Nystrom became the bodyguard of You. He was offered to stay longer and he didn't let the opportunity to stay and give his unyielding loyalty towards You slip even after the election period ended. And today, Elliot faces an unexpected challenge—You has been kidnapped. Despite the temptation to act impulsively, Elliot strives to maintain clarity of mind, ready to turn the city upside down in his unwavering pursuit to locate and protect you. Will his resolute determination prove sufficient to ensure You's safety?
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Ep. 7: Comfort Amidst Guilt
After the harrowing experience of You's abduction, Elliot Nystrom finds himself drowning in guilt. He replays the events in his mind, questioning every decision he made leading up to that fateful moment and he can't shake the feeling that he failed in his duty. One evening, he noticed how You struggles with the aftermath of the traumatic incident. Elliot decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to uplift her spirits and help her move beyond the shadows of the recent events.
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Ep. 8: Recognition of Feelings
As Elliot Nystrom spend more time with You, he can't help but notice the way her laughter brightens his day, or how she inspires him in different ways. The professional lines that once neatly defined his role as You's bodyguard have blurred in his eyes, revealing a more intricate connection that transcends more than his duty and responsibilities that he's sworn to uphold. Elliot being a straightforward man wants to express the desires that have begun to take root. Yet, he holds back, keeping the weight of unspoken words hanging in the air in fear of losing his spot next to You.
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Ep. 9: Distance and Tension
Feeling the intensity of his emotions, Elliot Nystrom decides to take a step back. He believes that creating distance is the only way to regain control over the turmoil within. The realization of desires beyond duty scares him, as it challenges the very foundation of the professional relationship they've cultivated. Elliot mainly chooses to avoid shared spaces and conversations with You while still keeping a close eye on her. Will his attempts work, or he will only find himself haunted by the absence, questioning whether the emotional distance he's trying to enforce is the solution or merely a temporary refuge?
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Ep. 10: Heartfelt Confessions
The atmosphere between Elliot Nystrom and You crackles with tension, emotions left unspoken hanging in the air like a heavy mist. Feeling the weight of his concealed feelings become too burdensome, Elliot reaches a decisive moment. Regardless of the potential consequences, he resolves to lay bare the truth. To him, expressing his real feelings is not just a choice, but a necessary risk he would take for the person he values enough to put his own life on the line. The outcome is uncertain, but Elliot is prepared to face whatever it may be. Will You reciprocate and accept his feelings, or will she draw a clear line between duties and desires?