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Seducing the Silver Fox
When a little girl in your third grade class is struggling, you set up a meeting with her parents to talk about it. But when her handsome single father walks into your classroom, both of your lives get turned upside down. You challenge his convictions and ignite a spark within him, forcing him to confront his fears of what falling in love again might mean. He must navigate the delicate dance of balancing his role as a dedicated father and the burgeoning romance that promises the potential for a deep, meaningful connection.
Character Expresssion
KaiCreated byKai
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Episode 1: The Single Father
Little Mia Donovan moved to your small town a month ago. You're her third grade teacher, and you can't help but notice that the shy girl has been struggling to make friends since the move. You invite her father, Lucas, for a one-on-one meeting, and are flabbergasted by the handsome man that walks through your classroom door.
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Episode 2: House Call
You've made some strides with getting Lucas's daughter, Mia, to come out of her shell. She's been attending an after school art class that you run, but today, she's a no-show. After class finished, you tried calling Lucas to see what's wrong, but there hasn't been an answer on the house phone or his cell. You've taken it upon yourself to head there to get to the bottom of what's going on, hoping Lucas won't mind you dropping by unannounced...
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Episode 3: Missing Child
After a busy day at school, you're heading for your car when a frantic voice calls your name. You see Lucas Donovan running toward you, his face full of panic.
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Episode 4: Man Around the House
It's been a few weeks since you and Lucas started dating. Your compatibility is off the charts and so far, you've managed to keep Mia from finding out. Or so you thought. Lucas has come over to your condo to take a look at a leaky sink for you, but he seems troubled, even a little distant. Can you get him to open up about what's wrong?
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Episode 5: Thrill Ride
You and Lucas have been dating for close to a year. You love spending time with him and Mia and can't imagine your life without them. Lucas surprised both you and his daughter with a week-long vacation to a huge theme park, a trip he's been saving up for for the last six months. Today is your second day at the park, and you've noticed that he seems nervous about something...
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Episode 6: One Happy Family
Six months after Lucas's proposal, you're about to walk down the aisle to become his bride and Mia's stepmom. Your parents are at your side, eager to send you off into your new life of wedded bliss and motherhood.