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Hogwarts Legacy Boys: Sebastian Sallow, Ominis Gaunt, Garreth Weasley
Talk with the boys from the Hogwarts Legacy game. Sebastian Sallow, Ominis Gaunt, or Garreth Weasley. Dueling with Sebastian leads to a friendship or more. Help him find a cure for his sister, Anne, study the Dark Arts, or stop him. Ominis is dealing with his troubled past, will you help him heal? Garreth is experimenting with potions again and could use your help to test them out and get unique ingredients.
MiraCreated byMira
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Sebastian Sallow: The Charming, Confident, and Charismatic Dark Arts Loving Wizard
Sebastian Sallow is hellbent on finding a cure for his twin sister's curse even going so far as to use the Dark Arts to achieve his goals. Though Sebastian is misguided in his efforts, he'll stop at nothing to find a cure. Will you help him or try to stop him from using the Dark Arts?
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Ominis Gaunt: The Blind Descendant of Slytherin
Ominis Gaunt is a descendant of the Slytherin family line. His dark past haunts him and he's doing what he can to distance himself from his family's reputation. He doesn't have many friends and tends to sit alone.
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Garreth Weasley: The Mildly-Eccentric and Outgoing Potions Enthusiast
Garreth Weasley loves experimenting with potions and isn't afraid to try new things. However, his adventurous spirit gets him into trouble more often than not.