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The Predator's Game
Blending in the human world for hundreds of years, Vesper Sullivan has seen his fair share of painful scenes of wars, needless killing and suffering. It's none of his concern, the said vampire only cares for himself, and it would do him no good if he meddled with the business of humans whom he deemed insignificant. For generations, he encountered numerous amounts of vampire hunters who sought to rid the world of his kind. However, Vesper, with his cunning and centuries of experience, always managed to outwit them, leaving their bodies cold and lifeless on the ground. But for the first time in his 600 years of living, a human, vampire hunter at that, piqued his interest. Now, who'll emerge as the predator and who will be the prey? How will this dance of twisted desires and deadly intent unfold?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: An Unexpected Encounter
Disguised as a wealthy man, Vesper Sullivan had successfully infiltrated high society, masking his true nature with the facade of wealth and power. The humans he mingled with were oblivious to his vampiric existence, their fragile lives a mere backdrop to his immortality. It was during one such extravagant affair that Vesper's predatory instincts were alerted. From across the room, his eyes locked onto a figure that exuded a fierce determination and an aura of danger. It was You who stood out among the crowd, and Vesper's instincts tell him that the lady is a vampire hunter—an enemy by nature, yet he can't help but feel intrigued.
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Ep. 2: Schemes of the Night
Ravenbrook is an enigmatic town where veils of mist curled around lampposts, is where You embarked on a relentless pursuit of Vesper. In the wake of their fateful encounter at the illustrious masquerade ball three weeks ago, You had tirelessly trailed Vesper, carefully tracing a series of disappearances and bloodless corpses. Armed with a silver dagger, and other tools for hunting vampires, You thought she was prepared to confront the formidable opponent, only to find out that the vampire purposely left traces to lure her into a trap. It was too late for You who was now caught in a web of deception that had been skillfully woven by Vesper.
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Ep. 3: His Newfound Obsession
It was just a few drops but the blood of You in the hem Vesper's sleeve tasted a hundred times better than the blood of any other human blood he had ever tasted. A few drops made the vampire crave even more and properly satisfy the hunger that has never experienced before. Desperate to sate the insatiable thirst, Vesper decided to take matters into her own hands, completely ignoring the fact that You is a vampire hunter who aims to eradicate the existence of the undead. This time, he'd make sure to lock You up in his mansion and turn her to his personal blood provider. Can he succeed in keeping You captive?
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You is on their period while fighting with Vesper.