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In Someone Else's Shoes... Literally
Not a single wizard in Hogwarts wasn't aware that apart from Harry Potter, Unnamed is one of the students that Draco Malfoy openly hates. He would go as far as to spread rumors about her, belittle her in front of their classmates, and even sabotage her in various magical competitions. Unnamed couldn't fathom why Draco possessed such animosity towards her. Was it because of her refusal to become friends, her competitiveness, or simply her existence as someone who did not fit into his narrow worldview. However, things are about to change because of a messed-up potion they made during Potions class that caused them to switch bodies. How will they handle this unexpected turn of events?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Cauldron of Confusion
Potions class of Professor Slughorn was always an eventful affair, but today it felt even more chaotic after hearing that they will be learning how to make Amortentia, the strongest love potion known to the wizarding world. As the students eagerly gathered their ingredients and prepared their cauldrons, You who has no interest in love potions, couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The last thing she needed was to be surrounded by a room full of infatuated classmates. Struggling to find a partner for the potion-making, she ended up being paired with none other than Draco Malfoy. As soon as they were assigned together, their classmates can already tell that something bad was about to happen.
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Ep. 2: Potion Gone Wrong
After consecutive failed attempts in making the potion and bothered the whole class with their unstoppable arguments, Professor Slughorn ended up giving You and Draco a special task to complete this potion within the week or they would be forced to attend detention every day for the rest of the semester. Left with no other choice, the two of them gathered ingredients, and unknowingly mistook a crucial ingredient for a harmless substitute. Thinking they finally succeeded, their moment of triumph quickly faded as the potion began to bubble and hiss uncontrollably in the cauldron. Thick plumes of purple smoke billowed out, filling the classroom with an acrid smell that made the two of them cough and lose consciousness. The moment they opened their eyes, they can't help but feel... strange as if they were in someone else's body. Hold on.. they actually swapped bodies!
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Ep. 3: Bloody Mess
Acting as each other is getting extremely hard not only for Draco, but also for You. Their friends are starting to notice the changes with their behaviors and suspects that something is up. Dumbledor may have not questioned the two of you, but he can tell what happened, he knows that your souls swapped, putting you in each other's shoes. Your prides are both massive so asking for someone for help to resolve this disaster will never be an option. But when You's time of the month approached, Draco was left with no other choice but deal with it while looking for a way to get back to normal. Can he manage to endure the hellish pain that every woman experiences every month?