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Hungry For You
Logan Emerson is an outcast from his pack. Though he's the rightful alpha, he was driven away by an outsider three years ago. You first crossed paths when one of your cases led you to his cabin in the woods, and has since become a trusted friend that you can count on to help you track suspects when a case brings you to the woods. Now, he needs your help. He wants his pack back, and he knows you're the only one that can help him get to the bottom of what happened. Trouble is, you're the last person he wants to ask. He's been attracted to you since day one and can only hope that his desire for you won't get in the way of your investigation...
Character Expresssion
KaiCreated byKai
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Episode 1: Hello Again
The last person you expected to see has shown up on your doorstep. It's been over a year since you last needed to ask Logan Emerson for help with one of your cases. Though you work well together and his enhanced werewolf senses have been instrumental in helping you solve your cases, you never thought you'd see the handsome loner approach you for help. Now, he's tracked you down, and you're waiting with bated breath for him to enter your office...
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Episode 2: Help from a Friend
Logan has arranged for you to meet up with Luna, the beta female of his old pack. She's your best bet for getting intel on the current alpha, Rafael, and for putting Logan back in charge of the pack. Trouble is, she doesn't trust humans, and Logan isn't exactly on her good side, either. Will you be able to charm her into helping out? Or will the meeting end in violence?
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Episode 3: Close Quarters
You and Logan have come up with a plan to help get his pack back on his side. But, before you launch it, he wants to make sure you're both prepared in case something goes wrong. The first step is staking out the man that took his place as alpha, Rafael. Luna has assured you that he frequents a certain night club, leaving you and Logan cozied up together outside the club in your car while you wait for Rafael to make an appearance. Though Logan is hoping to avoid a confrontation, he's warned you that he might not be able to hold back once he sees Rafael, especially if the alpha shows any hint of threatening you. It'll be up to you to try and keep things civil if it comes down to it. Will Logan be forced to spill blood to keep you safe?
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Episode 4: Hunter Hunted
You and Logan have returned to Rafael's cabin, hoping to snoop around and gather evidence against him while the alpha isn't around. Your bond has deepened in unexpected and exciting ways over the past few days, and though poking around in an enemy's cabin is serious work, it's hard for the two of you to keep your hands off each other. Or at least it is until you're interrupted by werewolf hunters, and the pressure is suddenly on you to keep Logan safe...
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Episode 5: Alpha
It's time. You and Logan have gathered your allies and are ready to confront Rafael and take back Logan's pack. Will you stand by your mate? Or will the violence be too much for you?
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Episode 6: Wild Hearts
One last step remains on your journey with Logan. You've helped him reclaim his pack and return to his place as their alpha. The pack has known what you mean to each other from the second they saw you, smelling his scent all over you. But many are hesitant to call you their alpha female. Logan's affection for humans has been a longstanding issue with the pack, and now that he's claimed one as his mate, the pack grumbles with discontent. A choice is now before you: do you try to lead them as a human, or will you ask Logan to bite you, forever surrendering your humanity in order to become a werewolf?