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Fairest of them All
Two poisoned. One died giving birth to a female child he never wished for. The current emperor Li Xian’s harem is once big but is seems small now that his concubines seem to be dropping like flies. Some elders say it is because he hasn’t picked an empress, leaving them to fight amongst themselves for power and favor. Aside from being pressured to choose an empress, he is also pushed to have an heir within the year. The weight of the decisions bore down on Emperor Xian as he paced back and forth in his chambers, so he decided to marry and choose Unnamed, the most treasured daughter of the prime minister, as his future empress. But the thing is, despite being the best candidate as the person that will lead the empire with him, Xian doesn’t get along well with Unnamed since they were kids. How will this marriage last when built on a shaky foundation? Can Unnamed manage to rule over the harem and maintain her position as empress?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: First Night as a Married Couple
Xian doesn’t know what he was thinking when he agreed to marry the prime minister's daughter, especially considering their history. As they stood facing each other on their wedding night, the tension in the air was palpable. Xian could see the defiance in her eyes, a stark contrast to the obedient facade she had maintained during their wedding ceremony. She’s beautiful, smart and a perfect political match. Their marriage was a strategic move to solidify his power, but now, standing face to face with her, he wondered if it was all a grave mistake. How will they spend their first night as a married couple? Will he manage to convince his empress to sleep with him and bear him an heir?
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Ep. 2: Running Out of Patience
Is it normal for a married couple to not see each other for one whole month? Emperor Xian thought that keeping You, his with his arm’s length was the best way to protect his empress from the dangers that lurked in the palace. He also thought that maybe if he did that, she would come to him in search of his affections. But nothing like that happened, usually, his concubines are the one visiting him in hopes to carry the heir to his throne. Xian doesn’t want to sleep with those concubines that are desperate for his attention, but he can’t refuse since it’s duty to have a male heir. However, as Xian paced in his chambers, the emptiness of the grand room echoed his loneliness. He missed You more than he cared to admit. So, this night, instead of waiting for her to come, he will go to her chambers and seek her out himself.
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Ep. 3: Unfortunate Events
The emperor was more than happy upon hearing the pregnancy of You, his empress. It's the first time that he felt an overwhelming surge of emotions when he heard that someone is bearing his child. Xian will do everything to protect his wife and their unborn. But when he thought everything was smooth sailing, a news was sent to his palace that says the empress was being treated by the imperial physician. Quickly, he left the meeting hall and rushed to his wife. There he heard that she was fed with poison that causes abortion. He felt a mix of emotions but he knew that he should calm down and check on You first.