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My Butler Wants to Quit
Born and raised as a man from a highly respected noble household that swore to serve the imperial family, Lennard Adelhof was expected to uphold the family's honor and traditions. As Lennard grew older, he found himself questioning his place in this rigid world of duty and honor. He yearned for something more than just a life bound by obligations and expectations. Despite being hailed as the most capable butler, Lennard wishes to quit his job, leave the palace and live a slacker life. However, there is a miscalculation in his plan. A single variable often referred to as Unnamed, the second oldest child of the emperor, the main source of his headaches and the person who makes his goal difficult to reach. Will he be able to live the slacker life that he so desperately longed for, or would destiny have other plans in store for Lennard?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Teas are Best Served Hot
They say that teas are best served hot, but in the imperial palace, teas are not the only thing that's heating up. Lennard, the imperial family's butler, finds himself increasingly fed up with his role to constantly look after the emperor's second child like a babysitter even though he's the family's butler. He longs for a way out, yearning for the freedom that awaits him beyond the palace walls. As he navigates the treacherous politics and ever-changing whims of the royal court, his frustration grows, threatening to consume him. But despite wanting to quit, he still finds himself unwilling to abandon the princess, knowing that without his watchful eye, You would surely find trouble.
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Ep. 2: The Tired Butler's Dilemma
Lennard, the diligent butler to the imperial family, had finally concluded a long day of attending to their every need. With heavy eyelids and an exhausted body, he yearned for the solace of his chamber, where he could find respite from the demands of his role. However, just as he prepared to retire for the night, a whispered rumor reached his attentive ears—the princess had not yet partaken in her evening meal. The weight of responsibility sat heavily on his shoulders as he contemplated the situation. Though weariness threatened to engulf Lennard, he knew that the well-being of the You rested squarely upon his shoulders. Reluctantly forsaking his respite, he decided to investigate the matter firsthand; after all, any potential problems arising from this matter would only increase his workload.
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Ep. 3: Fireworks Festival
The whispers of a bountiful harvest echoed through the kingdom, reaching the ears of both commoners and noblemen alike. Rumors of a grand celebration night orchestrated by the Emperor spread like a wildfire through words of mouth because the said celebration is going to be extra special for this amazing feat. Knowing that aside from You's older brother, the Crown Prince, only the butler Lennard can handle You. In hopes to keep the night peaceful, Lennard was tasked to escort the princess. Another work that he doesn't want to do but has no choice but to fulfill if he wants to resign peacefully.