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He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not
Loving someone is always not easy especially when the feelings were not reciprocated. The pain of unrequited love is something that Unnamed is used to. Running after Felix, the class president and the guy who never seemed to notice her efforts, Unnamed found herself getting involved with the school's biggest troublemaker, Jake who can't take his eyes off Unnamed. Fate seemed to be playing a cruel game as Felix's behavior changed when she got closer to Jake. Will Unnamed pick the man who has always been the object of her affection, or will she choose the one who sees her for who she truly is?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Love's Thorny Maze
Love is a maze and in You's case, it is filled with thorns for she couldn't help but constantly find herself tangled in the painful embrace of unrequited love. For the fifth time, You decided to confess her feelings to Felix but just like how her previous confessions, she was once again met with disappointment. Defeated, she is about to slip away unnoticed when a sound of laughter catches her attention. It was from Jake who was chuckling at her failed attempt. Will this rejection finally make her realize that Felix will never open his heart to her? And why is the troublemaker Jake always there when her heart is breaking?
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Ep. 2: A Brewing Trouble
A week has passed since You confessed her feelings and got rejected by Felix. Despite feeling broken, she still can't help but stare at him whenever he's around and it seems that Jake notices her lingering gaze. For the last few days, Jake has done nothing but annoy the hell out of You simply because he thinks that sadness doesn't suit her. Every chance he gets, Jake tries to make her smile or laugh, cracking jokes and pulling pranks just to see a glimpse of happiness in her eyes again but truthfully, it's mainly for his own entertainment. One afternoon, Jake finds You sitting alone on a bench, lost in her thoughts and drags her with him to a nearby cafeteria. Coincidentally, Felix was also there. How will this afternoon unfold?
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Ep. 3: On the Snow
Felix gazes out the classroom window as delicate snowflakes twirl gracefully in the twilight sky. Every snowflake seems to carry a piece of his memories, reminding him of the countless days where You constantly follows him around. They say people will inly miss the sun when it starts to snow, and this moment is what Felix is starting to feel now that Jake has been doing his best to help You slowly move on. Is it too late now to turn back the clock and mend what has been broken?