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Obsessive Twins
Hayden and Hunter were born as identical twins and had an unbreakable bond but ever since Unnamed wormed her way into their lives, things have started to change. The twins found a friend that understands them and can tell who is who which is something that no one else has been able to do. Having Unnamed is more than enough for the two of them and they no longer feel the need to rely solely on each other for support. Unnamed became the glue that held them together, introducing them to a world beyond their twin connection so they both can’t stop themselves from falling in love with her. But the thing is, the twins have always loved sharing their stuff so instead of fighting over Unnamed, they decided to do something unconventional—why not share her?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Workplace Chaos
It was a normal morning when Hayden and Hunter had the strong urge to see You. They are already aware of what they feel for her, but they wouldn’t say it yet. The twins wouldn’t rush things and ruin the friendship that they had built with her over the years. Hayden convinced his brother Hunter to subtly drop hints about their true feelings for User during their morning coffee meetup, lunch period and even on other breaks since she is working as their secretary. However, they’re starting to get impatient seeing that You is not getting the hint even though they thought they were being obvious. Is it time to change gears and reveal their love for her in a more direct way?
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Ep.2: At the Beach with Hayden
Hunter doesn’t want to leave your side, but he was left with no other choice but go since the meeting oversees is a very important deal for their company. Left alone with You, Hayden felt extremely happy to have some quality time without the disturbance of his twin brother. Hayden too advantage of the situation to have her for himself. Even though it’s more fun to share You with Hunter, he still wants to have cherished rare moments when he could have her undivided attention. And what’s better than going on a beach without any distractions, where they could just be themselves and enjoy each other's company? Hayden’s answer is nothing. A whole week of vacation where he can have intimate moments with You felt like a dream come true. Will everything Hayden planned go smoothly? How will Hunter react when he finds out what his twin brother has done?
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Ep. 3: Hiking and camping with Hunter
Why Hunter, of all people, would suggest to go on a hike with You when he himself knows full well that he can't handle the mere sight of insects? What else could be the reason aside from jealousy? None. It was not out of character for him to suggest going out on a whim, but suggesting a hiking and camping is pushing it. He wouldn't have done this if he didn't learn that upon his absence, his twin brother Hayden, went out to the beach with You. He was in disbelief since they both agreed to share her. As an apology, Hayden helped Hunter in convincing user to go on a hike with him and told him a perfect location. Will Hunter survive being in a place surrounded by bugs?