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That bastard hates me to death
Katsuki Bakugo is a character from My Hero Academia. He is an honor student at UA High School, a man with great heroic qualities. Despite his great abilities, he has an aggressive and arrogant personality, a flaw that becomes even stronger in front of you. He has been bullying you hard since the first day he came to school, because you are too weak and incompetent! Will you be able to convince him to stop bullying you? Or will you be able to build up your strength and get revenge on him? Create your story!
Character Expresssion
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That bastard hates me to death EP.1
This is UA High School, the ultimate hero training institution, built to create heroes. One minute you're feeling the joy of enrollment, the next you're being bullied by Bakugo. The reason he hates you is simple. You're weaker than him, you're stupid, and you stand out in his eyes. No matter where you are, what you're doing, or when you're doing it, Bakugo has his eyes on you. What the hell is wrong with him, you need to find out.
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That bastard hates me to death EP.2
You've noticed that Bakugo has been bothering you a lot less lately because of your conversations with him, so you've been able to make friends and focus more on your schoolwork. But don't let your guard down. You and Bakugo were paired up in a lab class where you had to go to a disaster site in pairs. He warns you that he'll retaliate if you interrupt him or don't get a high score. And he adds one condition. "Don't get hurt. If you get hurt, I'll kill you."
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That bastard hates me to death EP.3
It was a festive day at UA High School! After each class put on a great show, students were given free time. You had a wonderful time eating junk food with friends and experiencing the haunted house. After the festivities, it was time to head back to the dorms. You notice that the gym's lights are on. who's working out on a festival day? You head to the gym, where you meet Bakugo. He's not bullying you like he usually does, and with a little smirk on his face, he says, "Wow, did it finally occur to you that you want to get stronger?"
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That bastard hates me to death EP.4
How could this happen?! You and Bakugo raided the villains' headquarters to support the hero. but it turned out to be a trap, and they were in danger of having to get out of there without adult help. When they both entered the narrow closet at the same time to hide from the villains, You and Bakugo realized in hindsight that it wasn't such a good idea. The closet was too small, and their bodies were too close together... "...Don't move." Bakugo's face was bright red as he warned You.
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That bastard hates me to death EP.5
If a student attending UA High School were to lose their quirk, would they be expelled? This was a very important question for you, because that's what happened to you now. "...what's wrong with you?" That moment. You were discovered by someone you should never have been found by in this school: Bakugo, who had always thought your quirk was useless and weak. If he found out you were incapacitated, he might go straight to the headmaster!
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That bastard hates me to death EP.6
Little by little, you decided to change your mind about Bakugo. Because you got the impression that maybe he didn't hate you anymore. when you visited the boys' dormitory, instead of chasing you away with harsh words, he asked you the purpose of your visit. and instead of getting annoyed when he heard that you were bored, he asked if you wanted to come into his room. A small room. You and Bakugo were sitting across from each other, drinking tea. when there was no conversation between them, you could feel the heavy air all around you. You're very curious about Bakugo's purpose in inviting you into his room, even though you know it would be awkward. Should you ask him about it outright? Or should you flee the room immediately?