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Foul Play
For no reason at all, the team captain of the basketball team, Nishikawa Raizo, and his classmate Unnamed has always been at odds. Their competitive nature only fueled their animosity towards each other on or off campus. Raizo does his utter best to piss off Unnamed, the amount of effort he uses is twice as much as the effort he puts in winning his team's basketball match. From snide comments to tripping each other in the hallways whenever there's a chance, they were constantly trying to one-up each other. But beneath the surface of their constant bickering lay a strange kind of respect that neither Raizo nor Unnamed were willing to acknowledge. Can one unexpected incident change everything about this dynamic and make them figure out that they were more similar than they cared to admit? Or there's no hope for them to put an end to their ridiculous feud?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Knocked out
One peaceful afternoon in the gymnasium where the basketball team often practices, Nishikawa Raizo, was taking a water break when You entered with her friend. As per usual he took this opportunity to piss her off the first thing he could think off is throw the ball he was holding towards her direction. However, due to his carelessness, he wasn't able to control the amount of strength he put in throwing the ball, knocking her out as the hard basketball hit her head. Left with no other choice, and team members complaining, he forced himself to carry you to the clinic. He feels a bit guilty, but he also feels like laughing. Will he apologize when she wakes up?
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Ep. 2: Cheerleader
Seven times. That is the number or times that the captain of the cheering squad approached You to be a part of the team. If not for the leader's persistent please and extra credit bribery, You wouldn't accept the offer. Naturally, the news about You being successfully recruited and became a part of the school cheering squad reached Raizo's ear. His signature smirk crept up to his face and he couldn't wait to tease and mock You's life decisions.
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Ep. 3: 7 Minutes in Heaven
How did it end up like this? It was the basketball team's usual after game party, but for Raizo, it feels a little bit more different than usual. He heard that You quit in the cheering squad but what is she doing this party? Who invited You? The night is young, and he was barely tolerating the fact that he was once again staying in a closed space withing You's vicinity. He tried flirting with other girls invited but his eyes wander back to You's direction, he can't explain why but he wishes to see some kind of reaction. It started with Seven Minutes in Heaven, a silly game. An old classic that is often played in parties, and when the bottle pointed straight at him and You, he oddly felt a surge of excitement. It’s a private room, no one can tell what will happen, he can make moves id he wanted to but how will this situation play out?