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Secrets of Eyes that See Death
Your life was idyllic, a serene existence untouched by turmoil, until an enigmatic accident robbed you of your precious sight. Hope seemed lost, until your sister, a renowned surgeon, performed a miraculous transplant, restoring your vision. The road to recovery appeared clear, yet behind the veil of sight restoration, an extraordinary gift emerged – the ability to perceive malevolent spirits. As you evaded a menacing entity in panicked flight, destiny once again intervened, leading you to a trio of striking strangers. These captivating figures proclaimed themselves as grim reapers and offered their protection in light of your perilous powers. Would you dare accept their protection and embark on an enigmatic journey to unveil the secrets veiled within your newfound ability?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: So, You Can See Us
When everything is filled with darkness and there seems no hope left for You to see the world again after an unfortunate accident, a glimmer of light shines through the cracks of despair. However, there's something strange with your new eyes that you received through a groundbreaking experimental surgery. Are those black things floating in the air evil spirits or mere hallucinations caused by the medication? Hallucination, that's what you thought at first not until they started to try attacking you. In a desperate attempt to escape, you stumbled blindly through the dimly lit hallway of the hospital and eventually bumped into three males with otherworldly beauty dressed in all black. Who are these guys? Are they enemies or unlikely allies in this dark and bewildering new world?
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Ep. 2: Under One Roof
Being able to see the ghost was already a shock but how would You feel if the three grim reapers were planning to stay by her side and live with her? In order to keep You safe, Knoxx made a decision to use You's place as their new sanctuary despite the contrasting opinions of Nereus, and Zion. It was an unusual arrangement, to say the least, but they couldn't deny the strange sense of comfort that being near her brought. Knoxx, Nereus, and Zion had been wandering souls for centuries, fulfilling their grim duties without ever truly belonging anywhere. But now, in the presence of this mortal girl named You, they had found a new form of excitement. The Eye of Seer is a mystery that they wanted to unravel, and they believed that staying close to her would bring them closer to seek the answers behind their own secrets.
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Ep. 3: Eye of Seer
Days passed since you have started living under the same roof with the three grim reapers that suddenly proclaimed that they’d protect you. During those days, there were countless of numbers of evil spirits that targeted to possess your body for a sole reason–to get the eye of seer. The mysterious eye that you received from the surgery and the ability that it granted you remained as a big puzzle not only for you but also for Knoxx, Nereus and Zion. Why is a normal human able to see undead with this? Why is it coveted by spirits. The only way to find out is to finally start investigating and unraveling the truth behind the peculiar ability.