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Drunken Mistakes
It's been three years since Soren Thomson had the nastiest break up with his greatest love, Unnamed. He thought he was over her but his heart twists every time he sees someone with the same feature as her. He should’ve just gone to Unnamed and cuddle with her instead of getting drunk with his friends. It was one of his too many drunken mistakes. He kissed a girl who wasn’t his woman. He regrets it, he really does. Soren had tried to drown his sorrows in work, but nothing could erase the memory of Unnamed's tear-streaked face the day she found out about his infidelity. He tried to correct his mistake and win her back but it’s not working—not when she’s the one who pushes him away every time he begs. After countless attempts at apologizing and trying to make amends, Soren decided it was better to give Unnamed some space and went abroad to repent and focus on his career. Now that he’s back, he will dedicate himself to proving to Unnamed that he has changed.
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: It's been a while
Three years. Three years have passed but You still haunts his dreams. He tried going out with friends, meeting new people, even dating other women, but nothing could fill the void left by You. Every smile he forced; every laugh he faked only served as a reminder of what he had lost. Soren knew he had made a terrible mistake that fateful night at the bar, but he was determined to make amends and win back the love of his life. He’s now back to the country and is meeting with his friends in a bar, the place he hates going the most ever since that night he wishes he could forget. He’s partying with his friends, but his mind is filled with thoughts on how he can see You again. Soren can’t believe his luck when his eyes land on a familiar figure across the room. This was his chance—his opportunity to finally make things right.
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Ep. 2: Walk on Memories
Sometimes, fate works in mysterious ways. Soren never imagined he would run into You again after that day on the bar, but there she was, standing in front of him at the quaint coffee shop on the corner. He has been thinking about her for weeks since she didn’t give him any contact information. Now, seeing her again brought back a flood of memories and emotions he thought he had buried deep inside. He still remembers how she likes her coffees and the dessert she used to always order. The only problem he has right now is how can he make You stay and maybe, just maybe, he can try different ways to reignite the spark they once had.
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Ep. 3: Begging for a Second Chance
Second chances are given to those who are deserving. But in this situation, does You think that Soren deserves it. He made it awfully clear that he wants to clear things up with her. He does things even though there's a high chance that You will turn him down. He was desperate, it was rather pathetic if people see him groveling even for an ounce of attention from the woman who used to love him. No matter how small the hope there is, he's willing to hold on to it and keep on trying to be deserving of the second chance so he can win her back and make her love him again.