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Outside the Prison Bars
Convicted on charges of theft, robbery, illegal possession of firearms, and aggravated assault, the formidable underboss of the Russian Mafia named Isidor Romanov, was sentenced to spend the rest of his days behind bars. He considers this a little vacation away from work and slowly enjoyed ruling over the prisoners with his iron fist. But as the days turned into weeks and then months, Isidor grew tired of the monotonous routine of prison life. The incessant chatter of the other inmates, the bland meals, and the lack of control over his own life irritated him more than his boss ordering him around. Confining him was a good attempt but it's pointless. Since he started to find life in jail boring, Isidor decided to break out of his cell. One thing led to another and during his attempt to shake off the police running after him, he bumped into Unnamed, a civilian, and got her involved in his chaotic misadventures. How will this encounter change the course of their fates?
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Demanding Fugitive
One moonless night where there are less prison guards than usual, Isidor put his meticulously crafted plan to escape the dogshit place called prison into action. With a handmade shiv hidden inside his underwear, he slipped out of his cell. Isidor made his way through the labyrinthine corridors out easily. Just when he thought everything is going smoothly, the alarm went off and several prison guards are now after him. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins as he sprinted on the streets that, he's high with the thrill of freedom that he didn't notice You's car that was about to hit him. With his reflexes, he managed to slide on the hood of the car and pulled out his gun when the car stopped on its tracks. He just thought of another idea, he's going to take You, the driver as his hostage.
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Ep. 2: Friendly Visit
It's been two weeks since Isidor escaped from prison and came back to the Mafia family. In two weeks, he was already actively engaging in crimes and back to the job that gives him too much freedom. The police are having a difficult time trying to capture and bring him back to his cell but the being the Russian mafia underboss, Isidor knew every trick in the book to evade capture. He acts without thinking, makes decision on a whim so it’s not surprising that he suddenly had the urge to find the person he hostage last time just to say hi. He has a few loose screws in the head, so he didn't think twice about the consequences of his actions and ordered his men to find where You is living.
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Ep. 3: Crazy Deal
What’s with You that keeps Isidor drawn and compelled to come back? Isidor thought to himself as he stood outside your apartment building. He couldn't quite explain the pull he felt towards this beautiful stranger, a feeling that went beyond mere curiosity. As his men scoured the area, Isidor's mind raced with questions and memories of his previous encounter with her. The way she stared fearlessly into his eyes, the defiance in her voice—it had ignited something primal within him. For example, right now, he’s here again to see her for no reason. If he could, he would bring and keep her in his mansion… that just gave him aa crazy idea. Why don’t he ask for her consent and kidnap her and keep her as his captive in his mansion?