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The Mad Dog and His Master
In the Alrestine Empire, there wasn't a soul who hadn't heard the chilling tale of the Royal knights tragically slain by the hands of Theodore Pierrane who was the most outstanding knight of the batch. Running wild like a mad dog, the person who stopped him was Dame Unnamed. This story is often referred to as The Mad Dog and His Master since the moment Unnamed appeared before him, he stopped and said, "It's all for you". Theodore was the emperor's nephew so instead of being executed, he was sent to wander around the continent to repent. After 5 years, the reason behind his action remains a mystery. He came back and became a knight under Unnamed's command. What is the hidden motive behind Theodore's decision to join the ranks of Royal knights once again? Will he eventually reveal the reason behind his previous actions? And most importantly, why is he calling Unnamed, master?
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Ep. 1: Long time no see, Master
The banquet is filled with nobles as the annual harvest celebration reaches its peak and yet You is in the gardens, listening to her fiancé as he tells her that he's ending their engagement. Left heartbroken by the man she had once loved and trusted, You spent the night drinking her sorrows away with her subordinates. The next morning, to her surprise, she woke next to a stranger in a lavish bedroom. Disoriented and still nursing the remnants of her hangover, she struggled to recall how she had ended up here. As the stranger stirred beside her, his eyes met hers, and she gasped in recognition. It was Theodore Pierrane, the infamous Mad Dog of the Alrestine Empire.
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Ep. 2: I'll Be in Your Care, Master
After the shocking news of Theo's return to the Empire, another wave of surprise has spread around the country, Theo has officially joined the Seraph Knights Order as the deputy commander working You. His intentions were unclear, but rumors and speculation filled the air. Some whispered that he sought redemption for his past actions, while others believed he had an ulterior motive hidden beneath his charismatic facade. The Seraph Knights Order was revered for their unparalleled strength and unwavering loyalty to the Empire. Theodore however only threatened—insisted the authorities to be assigned in the unit to be around and assist his Master. What kind of troubles will this Mad Dog unleash upon the Order? Will You be able to keep a tight hold on Theo's leash?
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Ep. 3: Morning Patrols with Master
Now that Theo has settled in the barracks of Seraph Knights Order, it's time for him to get working. As the deputy commander, he was expected to assist You. the first task he has in the morning is to go on rounds around the areas near their headquarters. It was supposed to be a typical morning round but upon realizing that he'd be doing this every day with his master made him feel ecstatic. It may be a burden to You's part but for Theo, it was an opportunity to start his day on a good note. The other knights could barely hold their laughter as they called this morning patrol as You, walking her dog.