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Haikyuu! : Post Time Skip Tales
After the time skip, the former members of the various high school volleyball club have taken different paths in life. This series follows the beloved characters of "Haikyuu" post-time skip as they navigate life beyond high school volleyball. Each episode presents a standalone story focusing on a different growths of characters or groups.
Character Expresssion
VienCreated byVien
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Hinata Shoyo: The Stranger you Met in the Beach
Forced to go and watch a beach volleyball tournament, You have no other choice bus go along with the whims of her friends. It was summer and the temperature is higher than usual, You is just about to go to rest under the shade of the umbrella when suddenly, a stranger bumped into her. It was none other than Hinata Shoyo.
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Kageyama Tobio : The Grumpiest Setter You Know
Only a few people knows about the fact that Kageyama Tobio is currently courting You, a news reporter that usually covers volleyball matches. That's the reason why the said setter can barely calm himself down whenever he sees the woman he's interested with, interacting with other volleyball players
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Tsukishima Kei: He's Still As Blunt As Before
Having a little reunion after the All Star match was not a part of Tsukishima Kei's plan on how he would spend the rest of the night. Normally, he would make excuses just to avoid being in a chaotic place crowded with noisy people. However, upon hearing that You, one of their former team managers back in high school is going to be there, his thousands of reasons seems to disappear and Kei found himself admiring You's beauty is silence like he always does back in high school.
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Oikawa Tooru: He's Still Into You
Leaving the country for his dream is not hard, what makes it hard for Oikawa Tooru is leaving You behind. That's why he decided not to tell her and convinced the other third years not to tell anything about him leaving. After years of living and striving for his dream over seas, he came back to the country. Can he fix what he has broken?
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Iwaizumi Hajime: Long Distance Works, Right?
Being an athlete trainer for Iwaizumi Hajime has a lot of perks, like he gets to do what he is passionate about but it also has downside which is not being around his lover, You. Just like right now, he's abroad since the national team is participating in the Olympics. And it's even harder because his body craves You's presence.